15 January 2017

Becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful, rewarding, happiest things that can ever happen to someone. I know that I wouldn't change anything. That being said, that doesn't mean that there aren't things that happen that don't make me go "aha! That's when you know you're a parent". I asked some other parent bloggers to help me create a list of scenarios and things that also make them go "You know you're a parent when..."

1. You repeat "Don't put your hands in your bum" numerous times a day.
2. Your carpets are sticky due to food, drinks, but mostly playdough. 
3. You're basically hooked up to an IV of coffee and feel yourself turning more and more into Lorelai Gilmore by the hour. 
4. You've freshened up the wash load six times before you've finally managed to get it out of the machine. 
5.You're on your seventh cup of coffee of the day....but you haven't managed to drink one yet! - Country heart and home 
6. You use a baby wipe to freshen up your clothes as it's pointless to put something clean on. - Beauties & the bibs 
7. You've not washed you hair in a week and your not disgusted with yourself - mum bun life. - Life with boys 
8. It's perfectly normal to talk about poo related shenanigans and other parents nod along in agreement! - Mrs Shilts 
9. You use a baby wipe for EVERYTHING. - Twinderelmo 
10. The majority of you phone contacts are put in as ****'s mummy - The Cheshire wife 
11. You go into your handbag at work and pull out a pair of children's knickers with your notepad. - Counting to ten  
12. There is ALWAYS snot on my clothes, or a dummy, some raisins, a muslin or a mouldy apple in my pocket. - All the beautiful things 
13. Your idea of a 'lie in' is 7.30am and a 'good night' is one in which you had a chunk of 4+ hours sleep. - Arthur wears 
14. You lose your phone...then call it only to find it in the fridge and hear a quiet giggle from the corner. - Vie Choufleur 
15. You introduce yourself as ****'s mummy , and people reply in the same way. Sometimes you don't know another mums name for years!  - Tattooed mummy 
16. Your handbag is no longer full of luxuries... but contains sweets (some opened and stuck to the bottom) baby wipes, toys (hidden by kids) and paraphernalia of a toddler. - Testing time blogThe parent game blog & Suburban mum 
17. Someone thinks it's hilarious to fart on you. - Mumzilla         And actually you don't even mind that much... - Yorkshire wonders 
18. You're woken up by a child stood at the bottom of your bed giving you a foot massage.... (Sounds good, actually creepy as hell!) - 3 girls mummy 
19. You have a toy car stuffed in your mouth while breastfeeding your toddler. - Scandimummy 
20. You have to eat every single meal with either a small person climbing all over you and putting their dirty hands all over your food, or you have to share it. - White Camellias 
21. You have a small being who just loves you for being you. - My boys club 
22. Weeing in peace is a luxury that you are no longer afforded. - Youbabymemummy  
23. A trip to the supermarket without kids classes as "me time". - Cardiff mummy says 
24. Your car looks like an explosion in a snack and toy factory. - Life is Knutts 
25. You think nothing of it when you leave the house with snot, sick, or sometimes worse on your top!! - Adventures of a mum 
26. You've caught vomit in your bare hands. - Going on an adventure 
27. You refer to yourself as mummy in grown up company.  - My mummy pennies 
28. You've not had a decent nights sleep in 7 years and don't even blink when you drink yet another cold cup of tea. - Over 40 and a mum to one 
29. You say stuff like, "stop licking the windows!" "Remember what I said yesterday, baba: you're not supposed to wash your dollies in the toilet!" - Le coin de mel 
30. You want a couples getaway for a night of sleep not lacy underwear and naughty fun! - Ballsy mama 
31. When silence is no longer golden, it means your toddler is covered in sudocrem somewhere eating cat food. - Amy Treasure 
32. You "fake sleep" next to your child in a bid to get them to sleep and end up waking up 3 hours later! - A rush of love 
33. Using the stairs when you go shopping baby free makes you far too excited! - Emily and Indiana 
34. You catch yourself watching Ben & Holly hours after your child has gone to bed. - Mummy alarm 
35. You put your hand in your coat pocket and pull out 3 pine cones, a stone and a sock. - Teddybears and cardigans  
36. You step in the shower and your breasts turn into water pistols (Breastfeeding mamas, you get me?) 
37. You randomly burst into tears at the thought of something really lovely your little did earlier in the day. 
38. You forget who you're talking to and all of a sudden, the baby voice comes out. 
39. You go to a job interview, and have spilt a tiny bit of coffee on your dress, and you blame the toddler. (GUILTY!!!)
40. You know you'll never feel a love like it.

So theres our list! I've tagged the wonderful bloggers who helped next to theirs, so feel free to check out some more wonderful blogs.

What would you add to the list? What ones were you in agreement with?

Thank you for reading,


14 January 2017

Raising a boy is delightful, i'd always wanted a girl, but I was also hoping and expected to have little boys. Lots of little boys.
The moment Lucas was born, the moment I first laid my eyes on him I just knew, I just knew he would be my best friend. Thats cliche, and something everyone says about their kids, but looking at Lucas I just knew we'd create this magical bond; and we did.

After having Iris, my bond with Lucas subsided. Lucas wanted nothing to do with me for a while, it was all daddy, daddy, daddy. This wasn't helped by Iris' cluster feeding and clinginess to me. When she was really little I didn't feel right put her down, because as soon as she cried, I knew that as a newborn, she just needed her mummy. So sadly this impacted on mine and Lucas' relationship; which I expected.

Since January and Lucas' behaviour improving we have spent a lot more time together. We've built the bond back up, and even stronger than before. We spend at least 1 hour a day having one to one time together when Iris is asleep, and then playing with her near during the rest of the day as we were before. I think he is understanding that nothing is changing and that he is just as important as Iris to me.

Lucas is at the age now where we can have a conversation, he understands how to play in a certain way, and that makes it a lot more fun to play now. We play as doctors, nurses, cooks, and other role play scenarios.
Lucas is being raised to be who he wants and to chose what and who he wants around him. So when he turns round and says "mummy is my best friend" nothing makes me happier.
I cannot believe that he loves me that much. It may be such a small thing, but when your little has picked up from tv and real life about friends and best friends, and he thinks i'm his best friend, that makes me feel so special.

He is my best friend for sure. He is loving, caring, sweet, full of charm and just wonderful. He is everything I want from a best friend.

Motherhood is all I could ever have imagined. I'm raising my best friend, about to marry another, and i've just grown and have started raising the other. 


13 January 2017

Going swimming with one is a daunting thought, especially if you're me. I am not the smallest of women, have a very pudgy, chubby mum tum, and Lucas was never a fan of the water so clung to me and would almost climb onto the top of my head. I swam a lot when I was pregnant, so whilst shopping for clothes for Iris, purchased the cutest, little, floral swimming costume with a tutu and just imagined how lovely it would be to see her kicking her legs and splashing around.

It wasn't until the time I thought about taking Iris and Lucas swimming together, alone that scared me. I decided that before my trip alone, with a friend and her little one, I would go along with Brad, to get a feel for it and to see how Iris behaved in the water. Getting two children and yourself ready to go swimming, and then getting yourself and two very wet children dry and dressed again is just the first worry on taking the plunge to swimming alone with two under threes, but it's not as scary as I first anticipated.

I thought I would give a few of my top tips on going swimming with two under threes, or just two children in general.

1. SEPARATE BAGS: Rummaging through a huge changing bag for clothes and swimming costumes is not what you want to do when you're also trying to keep a toddler from running off or running under someones feet, or into a shower cubical... with a potential naked lady or man. It is a pretty simple and obvious one, but one that I have learnt from. Lucas has his Cath Kids dinosaur bag and Iris has her Cath Kids X disney, Minnie mouse one. It's not only super cute to see Lucas plodding along with his back pack on and imaging Iris doing the same as she gets older but it's so much easier. The only thing I don't keep in their bags is a towel. They're not hard to locate when needed so that goes in my bag.

2. USE THE SEAT: In my leisure centre changing rooms there is a little seat for toddlers with a strap. This is so handy to sit Lucas in as I get Iris ready and then I currently lay her on a towel on a seat as she can't roll and she's in arms length of me. When Iris can hold her own head and body weight a little better, i'll play swaps and i'll sit her in the seat. Getting them ready to go swimming is so much easier and quicker than getting them dry. Once both are ready i'll then make Lucas sit on the bench as he's older, and i'll get myself ready to go in.

3. WEAR YOUR SWIMMING COSTUME UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES: Sounds really patronising but I have just found this is so much easier to get ready with an excited toddler who wants to get in the pool quickly.

4. MAKE SURE THE KIDS HAVE INFLATABLES ON: Obviously you wouldn't turn your back on them, armbands, inflatable seat, ect in use, but you only have one pair of arms so trying to keep two children afloat is really tricky. Lucas has peppa pig armbands which keep him afloat really well so as Iris is currently too small to be able to use an inflatable currently, I hold her and help her, she kicks her legs, we splash, I exercise by swimming with her, and also lifting her in and out of the water, helping with my arm muscle workouts. I'm going to purchase a little inflatable seat for her when she can hold her head and body up, a little bit better than she already does.

5. IF FORMULA OR BREASTFED FEED IN ADVANCE: With an older child it doesn't matter too much, but with a non solid fed child it's a little bit different. Iris is breastfed and a little bit sicky after her feeds occasionally and I know that during the day she can go 3-4+ hours without a feed, so i'll feed her just before we leave the house so it gives it time to settle. I'll then feed her as soon as we're finished swimming. This will also mean chances are you wont have to cut your swim session short so you have to feed them.

6. SNACKS FOR AFTERS: Iris and Lucas will come out and straight away be hungry. I know that when I come out i'm hungry. I'll have to feed Iris and this will put me out of action with getting the kids dry and dressed for 10-15 minutes. I'll strap Lucas in the chair with a piece of fruit, a drink of water and maybe a pack of kiddilicious or ellas kitchen crisp snacks. Then once i've finished feeding Iris i'll go straight to getting her dry and dressed as she'll be still in a towel and then i'll do Lucas.  

7. SAVE YOUR SHOWER UNTIL AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME: It's pretty much impossible to shower with one kid, let alone multiples, so just wait until you get home and jump straight in the shower and plonk the kids in the bath. 

8. USE AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE: Once Iris is dressed she'll go to sleep so i'll put her in her buggy, then once Lucas is dressed its my turn. i'll set him up with youtube or netflix so he stays in one place while I chuck my clothes on, brush my hair and chuck it in my usual mum bun.

The chances are if you're going swimming, you'll be going or meeting someone there, but these tips are really simple. Some may come across as so obvious and possible so simple they could be taken as patronising, but believe me, its things I learnt and some I didn't think of.

Below are some photos of the kids from when we went swimming, sadly our pool doesn't allow any photography or videography in the pool, so it's just of them before in their new swimming costumes, but they were taken on my phone, so the quality isn't great.

I really hope this helped you, or made you a little more confident if you have thought about swimming with 2 or more, but weren't sure. I know I wasn't. 

You've got this,


11 January 2017

Dear little Lucas,

So here we are, we're here, 2017! You seem to be embracing the new year, new me rubbish, as am I, but it's cute that you're doing it and a little cliche that I am.
December you really broke me, you weren't yourself and you struggled; as did I.
Since the clock struck midnight on new years eve, even though you didn't know that we'd entered a new year, your behaviour seemed to.


24 December 2016

So since Lucas' first christmas we've adopted this tradition of a christmas eve box. It's not something either Brad or myself did as children, we were allowed to open one, little present on christmas eve.
I saw the idea on pinterest and instagram! You can see last years box post HERE.

This year we went all out and I made the box. I spent hours searching etsy, ebay and instagram for cheap boxes, but I either didn't like it or it had a huge price tag. I wanted one that would fit both the children's gifts in for years to come. I also wanted something that was in a colour that could be reused over easter, halloween, ect... A multi purpose box. So After spending around £15 on everything needed to make it. I spent two nights making this box. I am rather pleased if I do say so myself.

Not everything is new, and thats the beauty of it, some of it just comes out every year, so you'll only adding in a few new bits, so it can be done for a really small amount of money each year too! I'll now get on to showing you what is in ours.


22 December 2016

Theres nothing I enjoy more than Christmas, I say it so much. It makes me so happy. Sadly this year Brad is working nightshifts over Christmas eve and Christmas day, but it will still be magical, i'm sure. Collecting special christmas decorations over the years is something I really enjoy. I want a lovely decorated tree, but with some special, sentimental and cute decorations added too. 
We do have quite a few more, and some that go around the house, but this is just my tree decorations.


17 December 2016

There is nothing I love more than Christmas, garden centres and well, garden centres at christmas. I love heading to a garden centre, getting a nice latte, something tasty to eat and then heading to look at the christmas decorations and all the lovely cutesie bits too. We visited Keydell when Lucas was 6 months old, and were a little too early for their christmas craziness, so we're delighted to come back this year and to experience what it has to offer properly. We headed there with Brad's mum, and step dad, as well as the four of us and it was beautiful.


16 December 2016

Dear little Lucas,

Where are you? Where have you gone? You used to be the so sweet; the most darling little boy, but you're not you at the moment. I know it's not your fault, and i'm so sorry you're struggling. 
Even when you're reducing me to tears and I still look at you and behind the slight disappointment in you, the embarrassment i'm feeling and the confusion of why you're behaving this way, is pure love still, a load of guilt, and the urge to pick you up and tell you that it's okay.


5 December 2016

During my second pregnancy I noticed that my stretch marks had stretch marks. I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant with Lucas, more than most people. I ate a lot of cake and sweet treats, this meant as well as a lot of water and baby, I also gained weight everywhere due to overeating. I was naive, first baby, i'd be okay, i'd bounce back. I was wrong and I wrecked my skin, I had stretch marks all over my breasts, all over my stomach and hips, even my thighs, and as far down my legs as the back of my knees. I lost all my body confidence, and up until I fell pregnant with Iris, still had 0 confidence, and felt so disgusted in my body and apart from my tummy, what was bringing me down the most was my stretch marks.

Sadly I wasn't aware of secret saviours in either of my pregnancies, until right up until the end of this one. I actually only got a weeks use out of it whilst I was pregnant with Iris, but have been using it post-partum instead. I didn't gain anywhere near as much weight with Iris and i did with Lucas, I actually lost weight in the first few months, due to sickness, lack of appetite and watching what I ate. 


3 December 2016

So here we are 22 days away from the big day! The day Lucas will wake up in a magical, festive mood, surrounded by his family and presents. It will also be Iris' first christmas. She'll be 9 weeks old and we'll be surrounded by love, laughter, good food, good company and our two beautiful children.
We've been vlogging and we're taking part in Vlogmas this year, which is really exciting.
I want to make this christmas so special and exciting and to enjoy every minute of the run up to it.

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